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Upcoming Projects

We are currently looking for volunteers to join us in Senegal this upcoming February 2016. To learn more about the project visit our Senegal 2016 Project Page or send us an e-mail at

Past Projects

Senegal 2014

Our project in Senegal took 8 volunteers through the heart of Senegal to the town of Kolda. This is one of the few cities in the Casamance region that has been helping treat the victims of one of Africa's longest running conflicts. Sharing Humanity sponsored a program to train 30 landmine victims and other deserving candidates with basic computer skills and entrepreneurial skills. Students finish the 4 month program by obtaining secured micro-finance loans that allows each of them to execute a business plan that they have been working on during the course of the program. Additionally, Sharing Humanity helped sponsor two free clinics during the trip in which volunteers participated. One clinic served members of the nearby Leper community (Madinat-al-Sharif), landmine victims and the poor of the surrounding area. The other clinic served surrounding animals and livestock. In all, the two clinics served 300 people (filled 200 prescriptions, 105 pediatric consultations, 70 general health consultations, 65 geriatric consultations and 60 dentistry consultations) and 300 animals (including cattle, goals, sheet and chickens).


Our project in Bangladesh took 4 volunteers all over Bangladesh. Starting in Dhaka, we took a bus to Dinajpur and a van to Thakurgoan where we painted a newly built school and spent time with the rural community there. After spending a few days playing games with the kids and learning to paint with brushes made out of locally grown Jute plants, we traveled to Chittagong to attend a dinner where community members from the school in Rangamati were in attendance. The trip was capped off with a trip to Cox's Bazaar - home of the world's longest uninterrupted beach. Sharing Humanity still has, and will continue to have, more projects in Bangladesh including building an additional classroom for the ABC Charity School in Dhaka. Please contact us if you're interested in helping or know of a project that would be worth our consideration.

Earlier Projects

Our earlier projects have taken us to Sri Lanka to work at an orphanage and to rural, southern India - Kaigal Falls located in the lush green elephant sancuatary nested between Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. In India, Sharing Humanity volunteers worked with a local group, KEEP KFI - who has been tirelessly working on protecting the forrest and educating the local tribal community's children, to build a school on top of the hill in Kotta Bunda.

To learn and experience more, check out the pictures and videos on our Facebook page.