"An unforgettable experience for my first time volunteering abroad "

Volunteering with us...

  • Immerse yourself into a new culture
  • A chance to work closely with the local community
  • An ability to take part in the planning process
  • Enjoy lasting friendships with small groups of volunteers

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Experience Sharing Humanity

Sharing Humanity is a volunteering organization that engages its participants in cross-cultural projects around the world. We recruit small groups of adventure-seeking, open-minded individuals and connect them to exciting projects, new cultures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether you're building schools in a rural southern Indian village, or playing a game of cricket with orphans in Sri Lanka, know that as a Sharing Humanity volunteer, you will personally have the opportunity to help identify innovative activities, fundraise for the project and ultimately take an active role crafting the entire experience.

"It is neither race, religion, culture or nationality that should drive us to help others, it is the one common thread between all of us that should be our inspiration...our humanity."  Sharing Humanity recognizes that highlighting our differences is what fosters hatred, violence, and oppression, so instead we choose to promote those causes that aim to connect us to others in profound ways.